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Dungeon (Adult Hardcore)
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what turns a normal woman on:Tight fit body, power,energy,positive vibe, kindness,brain, attentive attitude, youth, if he is well-endowed, has refined manners, respectful approach and modesty. Driven, witty, laid back, all those beautiful things in men which none of my visitors online have, since people like that do not wank online ;) But loserboys can impress me only with their wallets and nice,easy attitude. Don't try to be" sexy" for me.I can afford it not to pretend I like subs so I won't
I do not talk to anybody for free, ever,do not read emails without tips, neither answer in my text chat, I ban those who distract me there twice. If i see somebody there it means this individual hasn't even taken a look at my profile. I ban for "peeping". + do not stroke your dick when you walk into my chatroom neither do it without my permission.Any outfits request, any body worship session takes place only in one-on-one mode. And overall ofc the main thing to remember is CFNM protocol.
I am a post-graduate student,spending a lot of time at the computer.I am an experienced, well-spoken, but harsh, strict, but caring kind of findomme.I cataloguize notes about subs and their quite heavy media archives, I google their symptoms, investigate and discuss the most complicated ones with my supervising shrinks, let’s call them Supreme High Priests of literal perception.I don't jump through hoops for my visitors but I take them all and their feelings, stories,emotions very seriously
Why Here:
I'm here since I prefer to end up my day by counting funds on my account rather than washing ** off strapons in my kitchen's sink. Yes I do prefer not to even touch subs, it would be too gross and perhaps not safe. No cashpoint meets either, only online
GMT: 13:00-3:00/6:00,phone is available in one on one videochat (uk mobile+landline) @DrainingWallets @Miss_Etername
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