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Females 35-49
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Balloons, Cuckolding, Humiliation, Leather, Rubber
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Hello! My name is ZARA and I will describe myself in a couple of words. I am a normal girl always with the smile on my face as I always say a teddy bear haha. I have 1 pet that I adore My favorite activities are going to the gym, watching movies, eating, having a good wine, and staying with the hammock in the park enjoying the silence and reading a good book, let's not forget to travel and discover new things. I studied cosmetology and I always seek to exceed my limits. As I like to describe myself, I am an introvert with extraordinary socialization skills. I am very homey, I do not like crowds or big events, I prefer to be with you and make me very happy !! I love gifts JAJAJ A great listener, a quick learning or better said, A color out of the box. We are all looking for someone who the demons play well with ours ... To give my main point, I will tell you my motto: "Less stress, more time with ZARA!" So, I am a captivating and desirous goddess with many qualities and I crave teasing ... I can be anything and anyone you want, looking for pleasure and pleasure. I love role playing and interesting ideas for spending time together. I feel like sex, but a pleasant conversation would also attract me: * Anyway, I am delighted to meet you and I hope we have a great time together
Anal Sex, Live Orgasm, Oral, Foot, Vibrator, Sound Chat, Big Penis
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Tags:Age: 25-29Ethnicity: hispanic/latinEyes color: chestnutHair color: chestnutWeight: 55-59 kg / 121-130 lbs
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